Our mission statement: Cutting through the clutter of food fads and misinformation to restore traditional cooking, and delicious eating, as the foundation for radiant good health.

What is real food, anyway? Is it what you ate on the farm when you visited grandma? Is it what you buy at the health food store? Or is it what hunter-gatherers ate before Crisco, Coca-Cola and Pop-Tarts were invented?

At Real Cooking, we believe that real foods, prepared in real ways, are the cornerstones of real health. We believe that real health shows in your skin tone, your clear eyes, your inner sense of healthy balance, even in your positive approach to life. Real food means whole, fresh ingredients grown and produced in harmony with nature. These real foods provide an abundance of nutrients, and, when properly prepared, allow your body to assimilate their true goodness.

Don't settle for the self-medicated, artificially-enhanced version of health we are presented with in ads and sound-bite news reports. When you're armed with solid nutritional information, real-world strategies, and a thorough understanding of how to find and prepare real food, you'll find yourself looking better and feeling healthier every day.

Real health is our birthright. It doesn't come from a pill. It comes from the normal functioning of our own bodies, which is supported by the foods our ancestors have eaten for generations.

Sounds great. But maybe you're thinking that this is way too much trouble. You've got too little time. This is where Real Cooking can really make a difference. We know that making the change from eating frozen, microwaveable pizza to cooking on a daily basis can seem daunting to many people. We've been there, so we understand! We started Real Cooking to help you ease through this important transition. Your own real, delicious, healthy food is the rewarding end result.

Real Cooking – making it easy for you to take charge of your health and reach your goals, one meal at a time!