personal chef

Kitchen cleanout

Don’t let junk derail you from your new way of eating. We’ll clear out food that’s bad for you, refilling your pantry with delicious, whole foods (or give you a list to do it on your own). Out with the bad food, in with the good.

Prepared meals

There are those weeks when you’re just overwhelmed, but you don’t want to stop eating freshly cooked food. We can help by providing entire meals for you to heat and serve, or staple foods to save you prep time. Better than cold pizza! Click here for sample entrées and sides.

Special occasion catering

Birthday party? Anniversary? Picnic? Don’t worry, you can enjoy your new way of eating and still have a good time at your party. No more stale chips and boring old dip!

Personal or guided grocery shopping

We can take you shopping, and show you how to find what’s really good – and what to stay away from. No time to shop? We’ll do it for you, stocking your kitchen with the best, freshest foods. Like magic.

Custom meal plans

Food allergies? Restricted diet? Bored with your usual repertoire? No worries! We’ll prepare a meal plan just for you, and toss in a shopping list and strategic tips to boot!

Staple food basics

So you like to cook, but just don’t have time for the prep? Don’t let convenience take precedence over your health! When you’re too busy to cook everything from scratch, we can help by providing you with the delicious, nutrient-dense, fresh whole foods that are at the core of a balanced diet.

We make the highest quality foods available. These are products you simply can’t find anywhere else – even at the take-away counter of your favorite health food store. We use only organic ingredients, without exception, and source ingredients directly from farmers whenever possible. We grind all flour from whole grain just before its use to ensure freshness and we use no commercially processed, genetically modified, refined, or artificial ingredients in our foods.

Some of the items that we’d be happy to make for you include: homemade broth, crispy nuts, salad dressings, lacto-fermented sauces and condiments, lacto-fermented vegetables and fruits, lacto-fermented beverages, cultured dairy products, grains, sourdough whole-grain bread, desserts, and snacks.

Meals must be ordered at least 5 days in advance (barring nutritional emergencies).

Cancellations at least 24 hours in advance, please.