personal chef

When we cook, we include foods universally acknowledged as healthy: fresh, organic vegetables and fruits; whole organic grains, nuts, legumes and seeds; unrefined oils; and mineral-rich Celtic sea salt. Just as important, we follow the wisdom of our ancestors by including pasture-fed meats like beef, lamb, and poultry, wild seafood, full-fat raw dairy products, and eggs.

These are meals that not only please the palate with delicious flavors, but that nourish the body at a deep level. We’e proud to make food prepared to our high standards available to you. We can supply you with complete meals and à la carte dishes. Or choose from our line of staple foods, which give you the basics you’ll need when you’re ready to start preparing your own wonderful meals. Whichever direction you choose to take, Real Cooking will make it possible for you to enjoy great food and build a stronger foundation for health with every bite.