Here are some of the ways Real Cooking can work with you to strategize your unique needs and goals:

Starter package

Includes a custom meal plan, Nourishing Traditions cookbook, Los Angeles Shopping Guide, and 4 hours of coaching to get you past the road blocks. Easy. Fun. You'll never look back.

Strategizing next steps

Don't panic! What are the main challenges to incorporating a new approach to eating into your busy life: Work? Family? Heavy dating schedule? No matter – we'll work with you to ease the transition. What a relief.

Health recovery & health maintenance

Specific health issues or concerns you're dealing with? We'll work with you to set realistic, achievable goals, then create a game plan for you – one where you're the winner. Already in good health? We'll make sure you stay that way, and maybe feel even better than you do now.

Custom meal plans

We develop personalized weekly menu plans to specifically address your schedule, your health goals, your life. Comprehensive shopping list, too. No guesswork.

Working with family issues

Your spouse thinks you're crazy to change the way you eat? Your kids are horrified when you take away their frosted cereal? We can help you make positive changes in your life without alienating your loved ones. Honest.

Equipment consultation

The right tools – they really make a difference. Are your kitchen tools lackluster, or just plain lacking? We'll help you shop for just what you need so you can actually feel comfortable in your kitchen!

Coaching sessions (phone or in-person) must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance (barring nutritional emergencies).

Cancellations at least 24 hours in advance, please.