learning to cook

Cooking instruction

Whether your goal is expanding your culinary skills or learning the basics, we'll give you supportive, hands-on instruction. Smiles guaranteed. Recipes included.

Cooking demonstrations

If you're not quite ready to get hands-on, we'll happily show you how to prepare a variety of kitchen staples or a complete, delicious meal. Feel free to invite a few friends to join you. Look. Learn. Nibble. Recipes included.

Adapting favorite family recipes

Mom's tuna casserole? Aunt Lily's mint sauce? Your dad's favorite meatloaf? We'll whip them into shape so you can keep your tried-and-true recipes on the menu. Yum.

Custom meal plans

Food allergies? Restricted diet? Bored with your usual repertoire? No worries! We'll prepare a meal plan just for you, and toss in a shopping list and strategic tips to boot!