speaking engagements

For businesses

Does your company snack room feature bowls of chocolate bars, plates of donuts, and a refrigerator full of soda? Are coffee and non-dairy creamer on the short list of essential office supplies? Hmmm, wonder why people are grumpy in the morning and nodding off in the afternoon? Maybe it's time to treat your staff (and yourself) to a course or two of real-world nutritional information. You never know, everyone might start looking forward to Mondays again!

For parents, parents-to-be and schools

Worried about the epidemic of ADD, childhood obesity or children being just plain uncontrollable? Sick of kids demanding the latest fizzy-fruity-artifically-flavored candy, then turning into hyperactive maniacs? We'll arm you with just the right information to put you, the adult, in control again. We can't promise that well-nourished kids will never misbehave, but there's ample evidence that shows that kids who eat real food learn better, have a more positive attitude, and have much better relationships with both peers and adults.

For clubs and groups

If your group or club is interested in health, nutrition, or cooking, we would be delighted to address specific topics that will round out your discussions and give you food for thought.